[F4A playing Male] Seeking Genshin Impact and Orginal Roleplays

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2021.12.03 06:28 SpookyScaryKittens [F4A playing Male] Seeking Genshin Impact and Orginal Roleplays

Hi there, the name is Kitty, or Spooky if you don’t feel comfortable with Kitty. Like the title says, I am looking for someone to do a Genshin Impact and possible various original plots. These plots have nothing but rotting my brain, and I crave them so damn bad. Lmao. I normally skim through these types of posts, so I’ll just make a jot down list of what general information.
Only 18+ (For the content and me being in my Mid 20’s) No Minors
3rd person, Semi-lit to Novella (I try my best to match the person who I am writing with)
Discord only
M x F pairings only (I prefer to write female main characters, but will write all genders on side)
Romance (I am a sucker for romance)
Other than the Genshin Impact, I am mainly looking for DILF style men for the male leads.
Head canons, playlist, mood boards. (Not a must, but would like to gush with someone about our characters!)
Now onto the plots!
Genshin Impact:
This could be in the canon world or an AU, but I have the biggest desire to have Zhongli for my character Katherine. She is a cryo catalyst user who is an adepti. I haven’t quite decided on her ‘species’. Either a kitsune or nekomata. However, she ended up getting injured badly and lost one of her ‘lives’. When waking up in Mondstadt,she lost all of her memory. The contract she made with Rex Lapis (Zhongli) and everything. She was taken in my Akari and her youngest sibling. She is an adventurer who sometimes runs with Beido. We can talk more about it. We can also do an AU in a more modern slice of life as well. Many ideas. I also wouldn't mind Albeido, Xiao, Dilcu. However, I mostly want a Zhongli role play.
Original plots:
The Beauty and the Beast (Fantasy - Supernatural)
This plot is based on an old rp that I had done with someone. Sadly they didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I did, so they dropped it. It’s about a princess who is from a kingdom in one country. However, her father’s representative is trying to overthrow and kidnaps the princess. He ships her off to this island known for prisoners and rejects.This island is known to be cursed and has been said to be filled with beast and heavens knows what else. But, the island is cursed with supernatural beings. Werebeast, witches, and vampires are only to name a few. Humans are quite rare. People who have visions (special abilities) are hunted down and claimed as tamers (servants). In this case, the princess does have a vision and the male lead is a werewolf who happens to save her. They go on a full on adventure and end up falling head over heels for each other.
The Beauty and the Beast pt. 2 (Fantasy - Supernatural)
Unlike the other plot, this one is somewhat based on a post I saw and a manga I was reading. (Ancient Magus Bride) There is this beast (Either something like Elias or some kind of monstedragon) who is feared by this village/kingdom. In order to ease the beast terror on their home, they sacrifice a woman. Rumour has it that they are eaten. There are worse, but for the sake of reddit I won’t say. However, when she is dropped at the altar. The beast sweeps her away and takes her to the realm of the beast where he is the leader. I haven’t quite gone into detail like the first, but yeah.
I’m in love with a Gangsta (Modern - Slice of Life - Possible Supernatural?)
I have been wanting a Mafia/Yakuza role play for the longest time. We could go a few routes with this, but maybe the male lead had a deal with the woman’s father with his debt. However, she had cut ties with him ages ago. I have a few ideas for the female lead. Maybe a florist or baker? Either way It would be fun to add a bit of supernatural element in there. Maybe the Mafia male lead is a demon, werewolf, vampire, or some kind of monstebeast. This one is very much up in the air.
If you have made it this far, congrats! I\ll leave a little code word. Code word is peppermint bark! I’m excited for the holidays. I hope you are too!
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2021.12.03 06:28 silverprom Ущільнювач термостійкий для печей Miwe Roll-in Jumbo на board.if.ua код 73548

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2021.12.03 06:28 Austen888 One of my first matches when I started playing a month ago and I still don't know how I won...Can someone explain?

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2021.12.03 06:28 jwai86 Edge of the Outback - Wild Boar Hunting with Precision || 50 Feral Pigs & Ultimate Bolt Action Shots Compilation

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2021.12.03 06:28 llamasncheese Pay

So before a couple of weeks ago when Randstad messed up paying people, my cut off point for getting paid was the Wednesday, payslip on Thursday and money in account Friday. But after that it's changed. Now the cut off point according to my most recent payslip was Sunday, last Sunday. So I'm now essentially being paid a week in arrears. I contacted Randstad and did the payroll query form, and turns out that you do just get paid in arrears... Even tho before a couple of weeks ago this was not the case. I was not informed of any change and it's landed me in a difficult financial situation as last week I didn't do any shifts, was expecting on Friday to get paid for shifts that I did at the beginning of this week.. but Fridays come and I've been paid for the zero shifts I did last week. Is there anything I can do about this? A change in pay schedule without informing the employee is nasty.
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2021.12.03 06:28 NoranciaGhirga Just wanted to share my Inupi cosplay ☺️ IG: @norancia.cos

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2021.12.03 06:28 SFC_kerbaldude I may have found the distant ancestors of the Blackwatch.

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2021.12.03 06:28 RLCD-Bot [Orange Octane] [Orange 20XX] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Purple Zomba] [Blazer]

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2021.12.03 06:28 Bakate How am I able to login with a different username into my Instagram account?

I am the owner of instagram.com/astronaut.gem, but, somehow I am able to login in my account with the username: astronautgem
I already searched for astronautgem handle without the (dot .) and I can´t seem to find any username with it, and when I try to change my username to astronautgem says the handle is invalid.

Is somehow this username associated with my account astronaut.gem? Was there some type of glitch when I tryed to register my handle as astronautgem without the (dot .) symbol?
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2021.12.03 06:28 nfrankel The JVM Advent Calendar has started already

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2021.12.03 06:28 Independent-Tax-3932 Am I hot yet? F26

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2021.12.03 06:28 Open-Juggernaut-1959 So, how are you guys doing?

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2021.12.03 06:28 Lynnurd Is Henry Ruggs card still in the game?

I’ve been looking for his core gold card to complete the Raiders Team Diamond set for two straight weeks(maybe bad timing).
But the thought crossed my mind that maybe they removed him? And just didn’t fix the team Diamond set?
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2021.12.03 06:28 hamdyfkassem محافظ البحيرة يقرر غلق 2 كافيتريا لمخالفة مواعيد الغلق

محافظة البحيرة
محافظ البحيرة يقرر غلق 2 كافيتريا لمخالفة مواعيد الغلق
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2021.12.03 06:28 ahoy_- Honestly who would want to hang this on their wall

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2021.12.03 06:28 wrkhdr Hiring UK Based Google + FB Campaign Manager

I run a small PPC Agency in London and I'm looking for a freelance Account Manager to help manage a group of clients within a large franchise. Looking for someone who has experience managing campaigns on:
- Google Search, Display, YouTube
- Facebook/Instagram incl. Lead gen, retargeting & traffic campaigns.
- Bonus if you have experience with local SEO, graphic design.
100% remote position, but you'll need a decent amount of availability between 9am - 5pm UK time. 20-35 hours weekly would be required.
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2021.12.03 06:28 maverickblood Is this pandemic ever going to end 🤣

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2021.12.03 06:28 rikimaru_killer123 You either die pma or play long enough to be toxic yourself

I'm playing on 5k avg and believe me, everyone who thinks that if you go high in mmr you will get quality games its the exact opposite, 20 mins in and the game is either lost or your winning Half the time my core is running down mid with 0 items or someone is afk because the support missed the skill I myself had enough today and walked down mid,
Dota as fun as it is, turned me toxic im salty mostly when i lose, and its time to take a break
Side note: this is on sea server with 10k behaviour
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2021.12.03 06:28 WindwardAura376 Always remember before ever doing a suggestion for skins

Bethesda gave us an ugly ass gamma gun skin over a new Chinese stealth suit skin/ radium rifle skin... Never forget.
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2021.12.03 06:28 Slaiks Audio static and distortion

I'm getting massive static and audio distortion with the game. All other audio is working fine. I tried relogging and it didn't fix anything.
I think it COULD be the new audio thing they have added earlier, so I'll update once I get back in game and disable it.
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2021.12.03 06:28 ChangYuanying 211203 IVE X Dispatch

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2021.12.03 06:28 TrippyArtist Wizard at Work, Tee Fallon, 2021

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2021.12.03 06:28 Lurk_Noe_Moar game keeps crashing randomly. Sit in a 1800 queue, make some headway, game crashes, get back into queue, make some headway, game crashes. Great launch blizzard

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