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[Australia, ACT] Eclectus Advice? Any Local Breeders? Moving to the US?

2022.01.17 19:33 Eclectus_Obsessed [Australia, ACT] Eclectus Advice? Any Local Breeders? Moving to the US?

Hi! I may or may not have made an account to get advice on my prospective companion XD

  1. So, I'm living in Canberra, ACT which as far as I can tell doesn't require you to have a license for an ecluctus like NSW and QLD does, but there are no breeders here from what I've seen. Does anyone know of any breeders nearby? I'm willing to drive an hour for my feathered friend.
  2. I will potentially be moving to the US in future for either my partner or work or both, and I believe if I get all of the health checks and paperwork sorted, I should be fine to immigrate with my bird, no additional paperwork necessary. However, I am concerned about the 30 day quarantine my eclectus will have to go through. How will that affect him? Will I be able to see him? Is there a way to make the quearantine shorter?
  3. I work full-time but in a print shop with my dad, so I could bring the bird to work with me, but would the environment be toxic for him? We use inkjet printers and a UV printer, not really and fumes or odors. Is it too hazardous for a pet, especially a bird? If so, will my eclectus be okay at home alone for 9-10 hours? I would provide sufficient ventilation, a large cage, foraging toys, dry food for when I'm away and a water feeder (chop and baths for when I'm there)
I plan on applying for jobs where I can work from home in future so I can spend more time with my bird, but would he be okay without me for 10 hours a day 5 days a week? I've seen such conflicting info on this saying that it's animal abuse to leave them alone for that long, but previous cockatiels and budgies we had thrived with this arrangement.
I will be flight training him for the purpose of excercing him, getting his confidence up and giving him the ability to fly back home if he ever did get out without a harness on. So whenever I'm home, he'll be out of his cage and free to roam the house.
Any other tips and advice on ekkies?
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2022.01.17 19:33 Sillygoosemood My boyfriend suggested we start living together this upcoming summer and today he changed his mind.

I don’t really know where to go from here. We have been dating for about a year, long distance. At first it was only a couple hours away but I moved in to a bigger city and I am now 9 hours away. A few months ago he suggested we move in together and he would move down here where I live, he said he was tired of living in the small city he lives in and was ready to take that step with me.
But today he told me he wasn’t sure anymore and I don’t know what that means for our relationship. I am really tired of the distance and was already making plans to close the gap and looking for apartments. He said that he was unsure since we’ve never spent more than a week together at a time, which is true but it’s going to keep being the reality. I’m not able to take more than a week off work.
Any advice? :(
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2022.01.17 19:33 Zebradapro Where did little buddy come from?

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2022.01.17 19:33 Bonus1Fact New York Dem Gov Hochul Compares Provisions Like Voter ID To COVID ¦ GOPWR on Youtube

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2022.01.17 19:33 fijixchipotle listening to cozy tapes vol 1 for first time while stoned as fuck has been an experience so far

I know it’s all of asap mob not just rocky but damn i never got around to listening to it till now and i waited too long for sure
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2022.01.17 19:33 PandaDragon665 [Spiderman Raimi/Webb/MCU] What is the extent of Peter Parker's healing factor?

So for all three of these Spidermen, we've seen them get brutally beaten, cut, stabbed, shot, hit by a speeding train and make a full recovery in what appears to be the next day. It's already explained in the comics that Peter recovers much faster than a normal human being but it never seems to be directly addressed in any live-action film.
It doesn't seem like Tobey or Andrew's Spidey ever needed to make a visit to the ER from getting cut up or shot in the leg (was the bullet even in him) so it seems like the wound may have scabbed over within minutes of the attack.
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2022.01.17 19:33 PlentyNothings 🌟🍷 Commit to these checkout stimuli > One of the following Discount codes "9GAGYESSTYLE" or DRDRAY" or "NEW22" along with rewardscode “JAZA4793” = 20% off 🍷🌟

Floating my referral link (click here)
Manually enter the codes if u don't want to click on the link and here are the details:

For what it might be worth - double check you slip in the right codes for your account ;)
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2022.01.17 19:33 jssclnn Small Dog/Puppy Metabolism – Amount of Food?

Hello, I have a 5 month old toy poodle that weighs in around 2.5lbs. I believe she will be around 5-6lbs full grown. I feed her 3 times a day and do a combination of kibble with homemade food and veggies. Sometimes I treat her with extra tasty homemade food (I don't have kids, she is my child. Lol.) And I do a good amount of research on what her diet needs are for that.
My question is – is it normal to be feeding her more than it seems her small body can take? She can eats a lot compared to her body weight lately!!! And yet she consistently has healthy (big) p00ps, and her weight has not been increasing much, if at all. At this point, I am afraid I am underfeeding her!
What has your experience been with feeding small puppies and their metabolism? Is there a point where it balances out? Again, I don't have human children and she is my first fur child so gauging what this process is, and trying not to ove or under- feed her.
In particular I am curious how this applies to small dogs, since it's not as if she is growing that much mass- wise. Thank you!
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2022.01.17 19:33 lombwolf I’ve been playing this city for less then a week. My inspiration is from Portland, eureka, Vancouver, and New York. Mostly a messing around city to improve my public transit creation skills.

I’ve been playing this city for less then a week. My inspiration is from Portland, eureka, Vancouver, and New York. Mostly a messing around city to improve my public transit creation skills. submitted by lombwolf to CitiesSkylines [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 19:33 Ppppooo444 Months of suffering and debilitating fatigue (28M)

Background - 28M, ~200lbs, 183cm No drugs or alcohol
Covid positive in May, only fatigue and congestion that persisted for a while (overdid it with the nasal sprays and Sudafed). Got better, sinus infection followed, 2 weeks of cefzil got me feeling better but with leftover inflammation and congestion. Went back to normal, CT scan showed nothing interesting, just mild inflammation, and a deviated septum and a bone spur. Referred to ENT, put on budesonide nasal rinse. Meanwhile I am living life, getting up at 6:30 every morning to go to the gym/cycle, and hitting some of the best fitness results of my life (taking into account lockdown).
Other issues that had popped up 2021 - tricky right shoulder that appeared after a minor bike/car accident. Physio had fixed it, but then it came back a few months later. Also got patellofemoral syndrome, but that was fixed nicely. Also had to see podiatrist - diagnosed with collapsing
CURRENT ISSUE: Started feeling tired/off early September, not long after ENT consult. Got dose 1 of Pfizer vaccine. Week or two later started getting constant headaches, focused on temples, and, ears (felt like right in ear drum). Ascribed it work stress (awful job), and continued my efforts to find a new one. Tried OTC ear drops. Then congestion came, facial pain and pressure (mostly left side of face) fatigue. OK, sinus infection time.
Gave it a week, then got telehealth appt with a family doc (beginning of october) - got 7 days of amoxicillin-clav. It seemed to have an effect, felt good drainage of the sinus. On the last two days of the antibiotic, felt close to normal again, as if a few nights of good sleep would get me back to normal. A few days after finishing antibiotics, sharp ear pain came back, and I started feeling worse again, with a lot of headache (everywhere basically), and pain around my left eye in particular.
Powered through it for a few more weeks, there were good days and bad days. During this time I first noticed a lot of fullness in the ear, and it felt hot. Developed this tic where it felt like my left ear was pulling back (can’t replicate autonomously). Bouts of dizziness also appeared. There was one day where my ears hurt so bad I considered going to the ER, I got very dizzy. I had a phone appt with a doctor (not PCP, it was a sunday), he prescribed antibiotic/defamethasone ear drops. However, the worst of it passed by the next day, and I was back to the steady, shitty zombie mode I had gotten accustomed to at this point. Get some relief when I rinse out nasty looking mucus clumps. made an ENT appointment for the following week (early November).
Went to see him - he looks in nose and ears. He says nose looks happy, no signs of infection. Based on CT done over the summer, no way the headaches could be from sinuses (inflammation was mild, no full bloackage). Talk to your PCP.
Ok, I make an appt the next day. See PCP, tell him the whole story. Suspects infection deep down, not caught on endoscope. Lymph nodes swollen. Start 2 weeks of doxycycline. I feel a lot better the next few days, Not sure of psychosomatic or not. Feel that feeling of a lot of drainage again. 5 days into the course, my neck gets really hot and painful, and I feel almost feverish (no fever). I’m basically bedridden for 3 days, then I get better (about back to where I started). Neck feels worse, get shooting pains in back of head. Near end of 2 weeks, get a bit more energy and better feeling, less malaise. Unleashed massive yellow/opaque clouds of mucus Neck feeling still weird, sharp pain points in base of head, below and behind ear.
One morning I wake up and try to work. Feeling very tired, I’ll, dizzy. Neck hurting a lot, getting shooting pains and hard jolts of dizziness. Feeing muscle pain in my left shoulder (not the usual one).I’m in a panic. Call PCP, unavailable that day. I get an phone appt with a walk-in. I tell him the story, and he says to go to the ER.
I go to the ER, get NSAIDS and a CT of the head. Everything is clear on the CT, mild sinus inflammation like CT scan 6 months ago. ER doc suggests occipital neuralgia - go home and try hot compresses, NSAIDS, finish your antibiotics. OK I had been doing hot compresses and borderline abusing painkillers - I’m supposed to get a neuro referral.
Felt better, next day. Neck is stiff as hell, and I have a blanket of pain from the neck to top of the head, with branches into the face. Cracking neck helps. Over the next few days it gets a bit better.
I approach the end of a month of doxycycline. Malaise basically disappears and I can sleep a lot better. I’m just extremely tired, especially in the morning, and I’m not really functioning until noon and after two double espressos. Dizziness almost gone, except for those really quick jolts of pain up the temples. Constant headache in neck and points in the face, but much better. Life is kind of worth living again. Just feels like sleep doesn’t do anything and my head hurts all the time.
I went to physio and told him about the occipital neuralgia. We do a good session, and I gain 25% ROM in my neck. When I got up from the table, I felt like I was on another plane, like I was conscious again. Warm feelings washed my neck and my head, I felt awake again, just very sleepy. I cried on the way home, because I felt like a human being again.
Few days later, I get the feeling my Eustachian tubes have opened for the first time in months. Crazy amount of mucus coming down my throat from both sides. This happens for over a week, ear fullness gone.
Headaches came back a few hours later but that was nice. Finished antibiotics (Dec 10) started probiotics and supplements again (Mg, vit D, align, yogurt). Facial pain came back a bit worse. stomach issues then appeared.
As it stands now: Neck hurts, very stiff, sometimes weak, feel kinda hunchbacked on what physio called C-T spine junction. Pain in right shoulder, less in left. Weak arms. Scalp gets painful or prickly after touching
Sinuses - not bad, wake up with a lot of congestion usually. Rinsing regularly, sometimes get the yellow sticky mucus
Fatigue - like before, I don’t feel malaise, just very exhausted and sleepy all the time. If I don’t get 8 hours, the day is a complete write off.
Mental health - poor, I can’t take this much longer
Currently now dealing with worsened stomach issues over several weeks - bloating, gas, constant nausea, bit softer stools. Diet changes did not help. Went to walk-in 3 days ago, he gave lactulose for symptoms (did not help, just gave awful diarrhea). Also gave stool sample, waiting for results.
Life is terrible and I’m hoping for a second opinion that can maybe tie all this together.
Other tests done recently: CBC - perfect Urine - perfect US of kidneys, gesticulés, bladder - left kidney missing, otherwise perfect
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2022.01.17 19:33 AnActualRat69 Sheep

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2022.01.17 19:33 Lykos-sol To tired cake fall to my tongue plz

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2022.01.17 19:33 TSM_LittleRaphie As you can see Vlahovic is copying Pepe's famed bandaged finger perhaps showing that he will be joining his idol very soon

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2022.01.17 19:33 harmoniccatastrophe First SnP on Fake Skin . . Any Advice on how to improve?? (more in comment)

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2022.01.17 19:33 Impresora_7936 Se acuerdan de la película Encanto? Bueno pues al parecer unos estadounidenses pendejos funaron a un artista que hizo un dibujo de dicha película de una de las personajes con una tez un poco mas clara

Se acuerdan de la película Encanto? Bueno pues al parecer unos estadounidenses pendejos funaron a un artista que hizo un dibujo de dicha película de una de las personajes con una tez un poco mas clara submitted by Impresora_7936 to MAAU [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 19:33 sachstorm Inbox.partial.mbox. Why?

Any tips why my mail export file still has „.partial” in it’s name? I know it means it’s still in progress, but a few hours? Come on.
Do you guys know why it’s like that?
Mac OS Catalina
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2022.01.17 19:33 herooftimeloz This appears to be a dark pattern that CCPA bans. Is my understanding correct?

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2022.01.17 19:33 bitchfromparis Just saw Scream 5 and it was eh (Spoilers)

The good:
David Arquette, Jasmin Savory Brown, Mason Gooding and Jack Quaid (I wish Jack hadn't been one of the killers even tho I predicted him as one of them, cause he was such an enjoyable presence and he reminds me so much of Joshua Jackson)

The bad:
Why were Sid, Gale and Dewey barely even in the film? What was the point of them even returning if they were going to be glorified cameos?
Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Dylan Minette, Sonia Ammar and Mikey Madison were so awful like Emma Roberts awful
Sam and Tara were so boring and I wasn't interested in any of them and Sam being Billy's kid was so stupid (Also, those Billy hallucinations were so cartoonishly bad and soap opera ish)
Why was Vince creeping on a teenage girl? Wtf
Kevin's writing was sorely missed in this film as was Wes' directing and Wes would not have liked this movie if he were still alive to see it and this film felt way too fanservice
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2022.01.17 19:33 Mystime [OC] [Suggestive] Drew my alien girl Sall wearing a Bunny suit because they’re cute.

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2022.01.17 19:33 SammyGotStache Baked pork quesedilla "pie"

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2022.01.17 19:33 ThiccPixarMoms Is there any swedish mfs i can talk about smörgåstårta with?

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2022.01.17 19:33 TheEnglishPhysitian If someone verbally said fluffy puppy to you. What do you see in your minds eye?

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2022.01.17 19:33 mistopha_christopha Jealous of this kid, wish I had an older brother to take me shooting growing up.

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2022.01.17 19:33 Outrageous-Ad2213 [analog]

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2022.01.17 19:33 HootyTG Small dog bite

My brother was bitten by our dachshund in the face and it only bled for a few minutes but was quickly stopped after being cleaned, most web results call for very strong and immediate action more than I think may be needed here as it is a small not very deep bite, is tetanus are real threat here or is it just panic results?
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