I was thinking that tge boys should redo the Avatar episode

2022.01.17 19:39 1997wickedboy I was thinking that tge boys should redo the Avatar episode

Was relistening to it and its one of the very early episodes when they discussed Avatar. They barely get to talk about the movie, so I was thinking, with the second movie coming up, now is the perfect time for them re do the episode
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2022.01.17 19:39 R1PGHOST h: tse Tesla w: legacy laser rifle offers

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2022.01.17 19:39 RYBACKSBAWBAG First Rig, can't wait to get the long hauls going

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2022.01.17 19:39 Remote-Management-84 Ποια ήταν η μεγαλύτερη ληστεία στην σύγχρονη ιστορία της Ελλάδας;

Έβλεπα πρόσφατα κάτι ντοκιμαντέρ εγκλήματος στο Youtube από εξωτερικό, αληθινές ιστορίες, με μεγάλες οργανωμένες φιλόδοξες προγραμματισμένες αλλά και ιδιοφυείς ληστείες, πετυχημένες, αλλά και μη-πετυχημένες. Και με εξέπληξε η υπομονή και ο σχεδιασμός... Αναρωτιέμαι αν έχουν γίνει και εδώ Ελλάδα τέτοια...
Παλιά είχα δει στην τηλεόραση για μια τρελή ιστορία από μεγάλη ληστεία που έγινε στην Αθήνα νομίζω. Πάντως είχε να κάνει με ένα μεγάλο τούνελ και το ντοκιμαντέρ ήταν γυρισμένο όταν δεν υπήρχαν ακόμα έγχρωμη τηλεόραση οπότε ήταν αρκετά παλιό φαντάζομαι.
Οπότε αναρωτιέμαι ποια ήταν η μεγαλύτερη. Σίγουρα υπήρχαν πολλές και τώρα τελευταία μου έχουν κινήσει το ενδιαφέρον ( μη ειρωνικά ) οι θεωρίες που συζητιούνται στα σοσιαλ μίντια για τον υπόγειο θόρυβο στην Θεσσαλονίκη. Άραγε είναι δυνατόν να είναι κάτι τέτοιο; Έχει ξανά γίνει κάτι τέτοιο στην Ελλάδα για να μπορούμε να πούμε ότι είναι δυνατόν κάτι τέτοιο ή μαλακίες; Στην αρχή τους κορόιδευα λίγο αλλά τώρα έχω δει έχουν αρχίσει οι όλοι να λένε για ληστεία φαντάζομαι οχι τυχαία.
Αφού ο θόρυβος γίνεται το βράδυ που πάει ο κόσμος για ύπνο όλο και κάτι μπορεί να γίνεται. Του δίνω μερικές πιθανότητες 😂
Τι λέτε;
Μην με τρολλαρετε παρακαλώ ειλικρινά ρωτάω.
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2022.01.17 19:39 Semaforo_GMS What If WWI Was East Vs. West. (Any Lore Question Just Comment)

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2022.01.17 19:39 Good_Marionberry_470 Ima bit of a love hate relationship rn w rlsideswipe 🙄

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2022.01.17 19:39 MOMMAMARY51 Dm and get spoiled instantly

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2022.01.17 19:39 TheMDNA Question: Do you think the authorities should investigate the Church of Scientology?

We've all heard of the ex-communications, the cash operations, the expensive courses, and with Leah Remini leaving the Church, more people are coming out with their stories about the church. What do you guys think? Should the Church be investigated for the claims against it?
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2022.01.17 19:39 SpicyPickles420 Who is sex, and why does everyone want them?

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2022.01.17 19:39 Fit-Persimmon2762 Uno carding a creeper

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2022.01.17 19:39 teenrabbit Red clawfoot tub or pink sewing machine, anyone? Lolly is crafting stacked shopping baskets

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2022.01.17 19:39 bot_neen Comisión de Archivos y Gestión Documental del SNT

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2022.01.17 19:39 TheTinyBastion H: Trades, Caps, Flux, Script W: Berserkers Weapons that are in red

My berserkers trade list:
My groll trade list (bundles of berserkers ONLY)
Prices per varies depending on the rolls - 50-400 violet flux - 3-15 3* weapon script - Also have every type of junk can negotiate for
Or 1:1 with the following spares I have - Ber2515fr LMG - Ber2515fr lever - Ber50c15c handmade - Ber2525 plasma - BerE25 pipe pistol - Ber2515fr fixer - BerE15c handmade
Note: I don’t collect 25a, 1p, 1a, 50b, or 50dwa
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2022.01.17 19:39 Calm_Independent_735 Trying to find a post? - Comment about losing missoma earrings 20 mins after getting them

Been trying to look through saved posts etc for half an hour, it was about losing jewellery and pretty sure there was a comment that said about losing missoma earrings 20 mins after they got them

I hate loosing things too, thats probably why I saw the post but I wanna find it lmao
Any help
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2022.01.17 19:39 renegade0264 Is A Massive Bitcoin Crash Incoming In 2022

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2022.01.17 19:39 zBahattininUsagi Can i have spicy bagel hub's discord

pls i need :(
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2022.01.17 19:39 LindonM This view

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2022.01.17 19:39 ramon111111 16NB from the Netherlands looking for long term friend

Hi, I'm Nihlic/Skavi (whichever you prefer). I'm from the Netherlands, 16 years old. I'm autistic and I'm not good at making friends, my best friend decided to take her own life last night and I don't really have any friends now. I'm sorry if the post is too heavy, but I'd appreciate someone right about now, dm me for my discord.
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2022.01.17 19:39 impel77 Boxing gym for beginners

Anyone know of a good boxing gym or club where beginners can go to learn?
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2022.01.17 19:39 olliedeville Casual fancy

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2022.01.17 19:39 music-matters Composing a Two-Part Invention

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2022.01.17 19:39 Adventurous_Pipe5346 Help with essay

Prompt: It's Science Week. You are making a short presentation to a non-scientific audience. What story would you tell to inspire them?
Any advice?
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2022.01.17 19:39 Soft-Artichoke-382 Completely free group to connect

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2022.01.17 19:39 Zouizoui How to share a stream url with subtitles ?

Hi there,
When I use the "copy stream url" button I get a direct link to a movie that I can share. But the shared link doesn't provide the subtitles nor it matches the settings I set for the movie before sharing the link.
So my question is : is it possible to get a stream url with subtitles or to make it match for the movie settings ?
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2022.01.17 19:39 The_comman_film_guy QUESTION TIME

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