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Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons

2022.01.17 18:36 SnooAvocados6286 Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons

No sarcastic answers please!! But as a Sixers fan, the Ben Simmons drama and Tobias Harris being just awful have drawn a lot of criticism from the me and a lot of fans. If your team were to make a trade for either of them, what would you be willing to give up to acquire one of them?
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2022.01.17 18:36 streetknighter Do you guys think Knoxville will actually be in the Rumble?

I think he will be there and bring someone else with him. Pretty much like what happened with R Truth in 2019 RE
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2022.01.17 18:36 leonvincent Transcode Dolby TrueHD to FLAC/ALAC/PCM instead of OPUS for Apple TV 4k

For some reason Apple TV always transcodes Dolby TrueHD to OPUS when it should be transcoding to a lossless format, such as FLAC or ALAC or PCM. I tinkered with tvOS.xml client profiles found on the web, but Plex keeps using OPUS, despite the augmented profile being loaded.
Has anybody got an idea how to fix? Or possibly a custom client profile that worked?
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2022.01.17 18:36 Shoddy-Molasses7977 Any suggestions/recommendations on stores that sell organic modern style type of furnitures? Specifically love seats, dining tables, and chairs?

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2022.01.17 18:36 blitzlon SuiteCommerce Advanced - SMT - Page Title field changes breadcrumbs as well

we are using SuiteCommerce Advanced 2021.2.3 with SMT. When using the SMT and changing a Page Title, it also changes the page breadcrumb. Has anyone else seen this? NS considers it an enhancement, as with everything else.
I'm looking for a fix if anyone knows of one? I'm capable of using the dev tools etc., just haven't got around to looking specifically into this yet.
Thanks Chris
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2022.01.17 18:36 Interesting-Tip5586 EU will not remove russia from Swift. Germany is probably pushed through this idea, because they want to buy gas.

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2022.01.17 18:36 Phaylz I feel so stupid for asking this..

But how do you Respect/Taunt after a round when playing online. I know you press the dedicated Taunt button and then forward-Taunt for Respect, and yet....
All it does is just cut to the next round as if I pressed literally any other button.
How am I supposed to tilt people as Ram outside of f.S?!
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2022.01.17 18:36 tunapa04 SocialGood partners among many is shown in the image. These are top online large stores where you can shop for whatever you want and get it delivered to your doorstep and you get rewarded for shopping through SocialGood App with SG tokens. - https://socialgood.inc/

SocialGood partners among many is shown in the image. These are top online large stores where you can shop for whatever you want and get it delivered to your doorstep and you get rewarded for shopping through SocialGood App with SG tokens. - https://socialgood.inc/ submitted by tunapa04 to BSCcryptoListings [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 18:36 working_on_it [Race Report] Rock n Roll AZ, 10K - 34:08, 1st overall

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A PR (Sub-34:39) Yes
B Sub 34 No
Mile Time
1 5:45
2 5:35
3 5:28
4 5:28
5 5:27
6 5:28
.2 1:05
Training Originally this was supposed to be my debut marathon race, but after piriformis syndrome flared up in November, 4 days before what would've been my half debut, sidelining me for the better part of 3 weeks, I switched this down to the 10K and reset before beginning a Daniels-modified Pfitz 12/70. Prior to injury, I was comfortably hitting low-70s up to 80mpw, but since the injury I've just managed to get back into the high-50s to 60mpw. Aside from that, having a training group to build with has improved my running and motivation so much, I can't thank those friends enough. I'm als very much listening to my body more and intentionally adding in more strength training to prevent repeated injury. My first real LT workout since November was 10mi w/ 4LT last Friday, and I did it on this course to get a sense of it prior to race day. I actually wound up passing by Molly Seidel on my cooldown and could only manage to say, "Oh shit" as she jogged by. Go figure.
Pre-race I wasn't sure if a PR was in me given the recent injury, so when adjusting down from the marathon to the 10K, I told them sub-36 would be my goal. For whatever reason, they wrote "Corral 8" on my bib when I picked it up. The day before race day, my team & I did a shakeout and we all agreed to ignore the corral seeding given what I'd actually be trying to run, which was very much the right move. At some point between that shakeout and actual race day, I decided I was going to go for sub-34 and either get there or blow up on this race, which I didn't so much care about since rescheduling from the original goal race.
The day of, I woke up early, moved around a bit, got my girlfriend and I to the race to meet the team, drank some Maurten w/ caffeine (a godsend for early mornings), and ran our warmup. Did some final stretching and fussing with my singlet, and we jogged over to the start line past Corral 8 and up to the front. Because this was a Rock n Roll event, there were way more charity groups at the front rather than serious racers. Compared to previous years' results as well, the amount of us trying to race this seemed thin (zero disrespect to people running the race for fun). Maybe corral seeding was off all around; the event itself was horribly disorganized, but more on that later. That being said, we spotted some folks who looked to be racing at our paces and sided up next to them at the front.
Race I got on the line next to one of my teammates and one guy I'd never met before (found out his name's Paul), and when the clock hit 7:20 we were all off. I actually intentionally pressed my watch 3 seconds before so I wouldn't have to worry about Strava cutting off any distance. I settled in next to those two and kept reminding myself to relax and stay fluid. This was my first race since November 2019, and my nerves were shot; 20 seconds in I had to literally shake my face out to relax, but it did the trick. My teammate dropped back since his goal was to maybe stretch into sub-36 territory, and it was just me and Paul then. Maybe 15 seconds after my "face thing," I asked Paul what his race plan and pace goals were, to which he gave me something in km/min. I couldn't do that math, and he said, "Probably 5:20s or so." Knowing that was likely outside of my ability at this point, I told him I'd go for it and hang on as long as I could.
The first mile flew by though, and my watch ticked back "5:45" on the first, which meant "5:42" given the early start. At that point, I realized two things; 1) this pace was more than doable, as I'd done my 4LT around 5:35 pace with no issues, and 2) I was going to have to push it for a PR. Around mile 2, a third (one of Paul's teammates, missed your name!) and fourth (Andrew) runner caught up to Paul & I. We stayed as a pack for a while heading into some wind with me just left of Paul's shoulder and the other two pseudo-drafting behind us. I dropped behind Paul & his teammate partway, and offered to lead if they wanted to draft in a bit. We rounded the first turn and I took the opportunity to get back to the front and right hand / wind-facing side to try and make good on my offer.
In mile 3, we lost Paul's teammate and transitioned from the street to a "lake-"side path which had an elevated bike path before a dropping access road to a packed dirt path. I was in 2nd behind Andrew at the 3mi marker, but on the slight downhill around 3.4 to the packed dirt I dropped my hands below my waist (lower center of gravity) and opened my stride to get some distance on the pack. Thanks Tinman Elite! I wound up maybe 20 feet ahead of the other 2 at this point and held my pace down at 5:28 for the rest of the mile. Shortly after, 2 of my teammates not racing this weekend managed to run from the start to catch sight of me on the path; I threw up a shaka, because I didn't know what else to throw, and they cheered me on which gave me an extra kick of energy.
The stretch from there until mile 5 was the second longest part of the race; I didn't bother looking behind me and only checked my watch to see that I was still holding 5:28 or faster. I could tell I had gained some more ground on the pack, but I had no idea if it was a couple feet or an actually significant distance. I reminded myself to stay gutsy and put my head down, but this felt oddly relaxed despite knowing I was putting in some good effort. I decided to start saying "Led through mile 3.5 is good, so I can lead through 4," which turned into "Led through 4, so I can lead through 4.5... 5..." and so on.
Shortly after the mile 5 marker was a hill that I knew would chop my legs off, so we'd practiced that hill as a team on a long run, and I'd thrown it into my LT run too. What I didn't practice was the extra "tail" that the course threw on, going further uphill on the road. This was the longest stretch, and I just kept driving my arms and knees waiting to catch sight of the hairpin / U-turn, which couldn't come soon enough. Rounding that, I was finally able to see how much ground I'd gained on both Paul & Andrew, and I think we all knew I had it in the bag. They gave me some cheers, I shouted "Hell yeah" a bit more than probably necessary, and I bombed back down part of that hill towards the finish. My legs weren't fully back from the climb, but I did what I could and rounded the last corner to the bridge back over the "lake."
As I got closer I just kept telling myself, "It'd be stupid if you lost in the final stretch" and managed to push faster and muster some kind of sprint finish. When I could finally see the finish line clock, I saw "34:00" and knew I'd just missed sub-34, but could snag a healthy PR and of course the win as well. They pulled up the tape and I crossed it, stopped my watch, and tried but failed to grab the tape before it fell, remembering a video of a participant tripping on one of those after her race.
Post-race Well, RnR "organization" was a shitshow, to put it mildly. Immediately after I picked up the tape, I had 2 people yelling "Clear out of the way!" so I moved to the side before seeing no one behind me at all. They kept yelling to move, meanwhile a photographer is telling me to hold the tape above my head, and other people are shouting congrats. There's also no spectators here, so piss-poor planning on RnR preventing my girlfriend and non-racing teammates and really anyone from seeing the finish; it was completely blocked from sight. After I posed with the tape, I asked someone "What do I do with this?" to which they shrugged, so I folded it off to the side. Someone handed me a VIP bracelet, and I asked "What do I do with this?" and she said "It's for the top finishers" before someone came up to me and said "Keep moving! Clear the way!" Again though; Paul and Andrew weren't even in sight at this point.
I moved past the angry people telling me to move and then waited to congratulate Paul and Andrew, and we all walked through the many water / Gatorade / aid stations to get to where spectators could see us. Talked about how the run was, what do we do with the bracelets, where are the medals, etc. My girlfriend got this shot of the three of us walking out, which was probably my last smile of the day interacting with the organizers.
Long and the short of the rest of the day; for some reason the podium medals were at the start line, not the very separate finish line. However, it took us asking 5 different staff to get that info, despite all of them having walkie talkies. My girlfriend and teammates told me that they had to work to figure out how to even get to the post-race area they were able to get to, as volunteers didn't have a clue when they walked from the start to finish areas. As I mentioned before, the finish line couldn't be viewed by spectators, and there was no video to see either (and for a laugh, you can go to RnR AZ's Facebook page and watch their live stream start 8 seconds after I already finished, as I'm picking up the tape off the ground); she simply had to hear that I won my first race. To top it off, because the medals were stuck at the start and AZ is pretty rampant with COVID right now, I didn't want to stick around the extra hour to get my podium medal, and instead of RnR reaching out (since, you know, they've got my contact info and know who won their races) I actually have to email them to mail it out to me. My other teammates had similarly bad experiences, and I think it's safe to say none of us are doing an RnR event again.
Still, a win's a win. I've got a time trial 10K later in Pfitz 12/70 that I'll do on a flat course to finally go sub-34, now knowing I've got the legs in me to get to that level. Hopefully for future races, I can figure out when to be gutsy earlier, as in hindsight I should've been able to knock off 10 seconds from that first mile to go sub-34. But once again, a win's a win.
TL;DR- Ignored Corral 8, raced a 10K, comfortably stuck with the lead pack, made a move and pressed that advantage further, survived a long solo stretch followed by an annoying hill, missed sub-34 but got a new PR and the win, avoid Rock n Roll events in the future.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2022.01.17 18:36 Hyperdude2018 (PS4) Need a good Hustler class mod with either Splash Dmg or Radius

Basically title
I have been farming Loco-stupid-train for so long and the only good Hustler I have is smg dmg with Cryo and Fire resistant.
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2022.01.17 18:36 clip_mirror_bot xQcOW has a based take during a hostage situation

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2022.01.17 18:36 HexelPL Colt 2911 - Made this for my (hopefully) upcoming short

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2022.01.17 18:36 reeper147 How much did Indian Tribes and Empires in North America know of South America? Were the Iroquois Confederacy aware of the Aztec Empire's existence, if through distant tales such as China and Rome?

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2022.01.17 18:36 tinytimmy47 Dawnguard Question

Quick question that I can’t find the answer to online. During Chasing Echoes, if you let Serana turn you into a vampire, can you remain a vampire moving forward? Or do you need to cure yourself to move the quest forward?
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2022.01.17 18:36 seershaburgers I’m so stupid

I’m finding it so difficult to accept the fact of how stupid I was for hooking up with my ex. He ghosted me and I’ve been feeling awful for weeks. He popped again tho and followed me twice (I removed him) and then messaged me at 4am when I was asleep saying “this is a disaster”. He deleted it in the morning but I still got the notification when I woke up. He was checking my story too.
I know need to toughen up and accept it but it’s so so hard jesus christ. I stopped thinking about him for ages for ages but i started thinking about him again months ago cause he started following me. Yes I know I should block, I have only removed him as a follower and made me profile private. I know I don’t want to be in a relationship with him again cause I remembered how awful he is after I slept with him.
I’ve been in a dark place these past few months, been very fragile as I had a nervous breakdown in the summer and I’m still recovering. I needed to get this off my chest and to see can anyone relate
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2022.01.17 18:36 InYoCloset Help! Looking for omnipods.

Our kiddo's insurance possibly did not carryover over like it was supposed to when we switched. Looking to see if anyone has a box or two of pods to help carry us over till next month. Please PM if so! Thanks.
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2022.01.17 18:36 SesaXD Riiswalker Perks


Would you choose rifled or full choke?
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2022.01.17 18:36 EugeneWong318 … Tonight 🙄.

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2022.01.17 18:36 karloDigital Financijski menadžer

Maturant sam i mislim se izmedu EFST i EFZG. Jedan od smjerova na EFST je financijski menadžer. Ako je neko upoznat sa tim smjerom malo vise moze li mi rec jeli to dobar smjer i jel teško zaposlenje nakon zavrsetka
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2022.01.17 18:36 lnsewn12 People really are in freaking denial.

36/F fully vaxxed. Very healthy, ideal weight, work out 3-5 days a week, zero underlying conditions. I’ve never even broken a bone. I abstain from alcohol, and smoke cannabis once or twice a week. But I’m a school teacher in Florida so LOL. Masking only does so much when no one thinks it’s a big deal.
My 6 year old daughter got covid in September and gave it to my husband, and in turn all three of us got the mAb treatment even though I wasn’t infected I took it as a prophylaxis. They said I couldn’t get a booster for 90 days after.
January 5th a child vomited all over my classroom. On the 6th I had horrible diarrhea, thought I caught a stomach bug from the kid. On the 7th I was very achy. On the 8th I tested positive. Very flu-like symptoms.
This past Friday I was feeling pretty good! Thought to myself “ok yeah, “mild” case!” Couldn’t wait to get back in the swing of things and see my family again.
Saturday woke up and felt chest pressure. Cough, shortness of breath. It got worse and worse. Last night I slept ok my stomach with my pelvis propped at a 45 degree angle so that I could breath without feeling like I was drowning.
Went to urgent care today and I tested negative, but they told me I probably have pneumonia. Four prescriptions.
Sat in Walgreens for an hour desperate for the inhaler. While struggling to breathe I listened to some old lady talking about how it’s all fake.
The cognitive dissonance is real. I wanted to shout “you stupid old fat bitch! You wouldn’t stand a chance!”
How are people still in such denial?!?!
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2022.01.17 18:36 pluto493 Do SasuSaku fics ever use Kakashi as like, a wingman?

I couldn't help but to notice that in canon, Kakashi praises Sakura's unconditional love for Sasuke (in a monologue) during the War Arc.
He also defends Sakura's feelings for Sasuke at the end.
Another little detail is how during the 5 Kage Summit arc, Kakashi only decides that he must kill Sasuke after witnessing him attack Sakura with killing intent (but not when Naruto had to be hospitalized in the original).
He has a flashback of Sasuke blushing around Sakura when they reunite in the War Arc.
Kakashi either just loves Sakura as a daughter, or he is a big SasuSaku shipper is all I'm saying.
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2022.01.17 18:36 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dominus] [Pink Dominus: CRL Eastern] [Clamshell] [Sky Blue Torrent] [Pink Camo]

[Titanium White Dominus] [Pink Dominus: CRL Eastern] [Clamshell] [Sky Blue Torrent] [Pink Camo] submitted by RLCD-Bot to RLCustomDesigns [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 18:36 ArturKuba Parry not healing.

Im doing Endless heroic and parrying a lot, but it seams that on "Rage" "Fear" "Sadness" parts parry doesnt heal (which is mandatory for me not sucking). Is that a bug or intended?
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2022.01.17 18:36 Glass-Guard4845 Tapn cashapp accs !!!!

Tapn cashapp accs !!!! submitted by Glass-Guard4845 to BlueAcornPrestamos [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 18:36 gracie-the-golden I have a job interview!!

I’m currently an ER nurses who typically loves her job but is now burnt out. After almost 6 months I finally took a leap of faith and started applying for jobs. Tomorrow is my first one and I’m interviewing for a Clinical Coordinator role to help organize clinical students! I’m so so excited!! Does anybody have any tips or pointers to help me nail this interview?
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