[WTS] Aero Precision Thunder Ranch Upper, 14.5 p&w, NiB BCG [KY]

Aviation History magazine is an authoritative, in-depth history of world aviation from its origins to the Space Age. Aviation History offers air enthusiasts the most detailed coverage of the history of manned flight, with action-packed stories and illustrations that put the reader in the cockpit with pilots and military (Army, Navy, and Marines) aviators to experience aviation’s greatest dramas. Copy and paste this code into your website. <a href="http://recorder.butlercountyohio.org/search_records/subdivision_indexes.php">Your Link Name</a> We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 〒 101-0047 東京都千代田区内神田1-5-16 アルテ大手町ビル8階 Tel: 03-5577-3343 ( 土・日・祝祭日を除く 9:00~18:00 ) * Fax: 03-3518-9093. Email: info@vietnamconsulting.co.jpinfo@vietnamconsulting.co.jp ワコール直営店舗(一部除く)でのポイントサービスについてご紹介します。お買い物をするごとに獲得ポイントが増え、新しいアイテムを購入する際にご利用いただけます。

2022.01.17 18:43 MajinStuu [WTS] Aero Precision Thunder Ranch Upper, 14.5 p&w, NiB BCG [KY]

Hello, I am once again asking you all to buy this upper and BCG in order to fund my indecisiveness between a URGI or Block II.
All items are new.
Aero Thunder Ranch Edition Upper
14.5” barrel with the Delta 556 p&w to appease arbitrary laws. Smooth side upper with factory placed MBUS.
Asking $525 shipped.
Aero Nickel Boron BCG
Picked this up bc it looks fucking dope and who doesn’t wanna wipe their bolt clean? I know you do. Tbh I may keep this if it doesn’t sell, I just got a REBCG and ACH for a good deal so gonna rock with those for now.
Asking $150 delivered to you.
If you want both, I’ll take $700 shipped.
I’m a noob so it’ll have to be G&S. Will ship in the AM as I am a mail carrier.
Photographs of the items
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2022.01.17 18:43 TheRedImpostorYT Karma farming moment

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2022.01.17 18:43 Sadieeeeeeeeeee Senior year schedule help

Next year I’m planning on taking

  1. Calc BC
  2. AP macro/Gov
  3. English 4: Deconstructing race
  4. Spanish 4 honors 5.Medical interventions honors
  5. Ap chem OR Ap statistics
  6. Free period
I’m taking 4 ap’s this year with one free period and getting a’s, so I’m not too worried about workload. I do want to take it a little easier senior year tho. Mainly wondering if Chem or statistics would be bette more interesting.(Thinking about a medical career, or at least something stem related)
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2022.01.17 18:43 Lime_Nova7 Welcome back

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2022.01.17 18:43 riyatch Does anyone know what the circular button does on the internet settings page?

I was trying to see if anything would help the increase mobile network battery drain after the Jan update and was looking at the internet settings page and noticed a button on the tip right corner that is circular with a little wrench in it. Does anyone know what this does?
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2022.01.17 18:43 VICXIII I've and fuck up! chapter 3

this chapter will be NSFW for the language
Super commander Yesleta G`nico S`hatte th`undr was on the edge of pulling her mane off. Fifteen minutes, it only took fifteen minutes for the Goddess of madness Manitia to decent in her ship. Yesleta watched the recording of the accident again.
It all started when team leader Xy`mara brought out the only survivor of the transport. A male Alien was breathtakingly, and his bioluminescent gave him an ethereal divine glow. When one of the Med-bay personal approached team leader Xy`mara to check on the male Alien she was carrying in her arms. Team leader Xy`mara refused to let her touch the male or even approach him as if she was protecting her male against a pride of females. The Med-bay personal tried to come down team leader Xy`mara and explain to her that the male might need medical attention, but team leader Xy`mara refused and became agitated the more they spoke. The commotion got the crew's attention nearby. Junior Val`e from team two approached to help defuse the situation when junior Val`e got near team leader Xym`ara. That was when that madness began.
Team leader Xy`mara saw junior val`e get close. She saw her and everyone else as a threat by her armor biological recording, striking the Med-bay personal and sending her flying. Team leader Xy`mara tries to escape with the male Alien in her arms. Junior Val`e reacts fast and tackles Team leader Xy`mara. The tackle sends the tiny Alien flying out of team leader Xy`mara's arms landing feet away from the larger female. Xy`mara roar in rage and her claws retract. She places herself between the Alien male and junior Val`e. Junior Val`e saw the chances on her team leader. She gave the order to her team to open fire on the team leader. Non-lethal weapons wouldn't work on a level 5 armor. They opened fire, but the team leader Xy`mara moved as a demon had possessed her. Xy`mara knocked junior Val`e rifle and tried to claw at her neck.
Junior Val`e was fast enough to dodge the attack to her neck. Retracting her claws, she started fighting team leader Xy`mara. Both Vijat`a and V`yx could not open fire. Their junior was too close now to team leader Xy`mara.
While both team leader Xy`mara and junior Val`e were fighting, crew members and Med-bay personal assisted the now injury Med-bay female, and some were trying to approach the Alien male. The force of the tackle plus the impact of the landing must have caused some serious injuries. Making matters worst, the male was an Alien male making treatment difficult. Two Med-bay Tubinestian were the first to get to the male.
Their recording shows how they started working on the male. One was about to cut the fabric covering the male but was stopped. Yesleta unmated the recording.
"Ty Ge, what are you doing? I need to remove this fabric covering him."
"No, you want the male for yourself, M`ey! You will not take him from me. He's mine!"
Yesleta muted the recording. She did not want to hear what was going to happen again. Both Tubinestian retracted their claws and started fighting each other, their rage blinding them. Both females step on the tiny Alien male's diaphragm. Even with the recording muted, Yesleta could still hear the male pain and grunt. That sound "gragsdw fugckingb bitchhs." made her mane stand on ends.
Yesleta continues to watch the recording. This part of the recording brought some anger to her. The grunts of pain get the attention of everyone around, even team leader Xy`mara and junior Val`e stop fighting. Everyone saw how two Tubinestian stepped on an unconscious Alien male while fighting. This brought a bloodlust rage roar from team leader Xy`mara and anger from the other crewmember. What came up next was a total brawl.
Team leader Xy`mara bolted towards the two Tubinestian but was tackled from the back by junior Val`e and pinned to the floor. She screams and roars. Unmuting the recording again, Yesleta hears team leader Xy`mara's threats.
With team leader Xy`mara now under control, Junior Val`e orders her team to arrest the two Tubinestian. Vijat`a and V`yx pull their non-lethal weapon and shoot the two Tubinestian fighting. Both females fall like a puppet whose strings was cut. Vijat`a and V`yx approach with pawscuff in paw when suddenly both start shooting their rifles. The sound of the rifle going off distracted junior val`e long enough for team leader Xy`mara to elbow her. Now free team leader Xy`mara ran to the now fighting team two. Shaking the elbow hit off, junior Val`e joined the fight.
Claws, kicks, and tails whips were hitting anything that came into contact with it. Yesleta could not make out who was fighting who now. In the chaos, someone managed to pull the male out of the fighting pit, but that only brought more crew members to the fight. At this point, the male was a ragdoll. The fabrics that covered him were gone, now nude many of the crewmembers tried to breed with the Alien male, but as soon one tried to mount the Alien male, they were clawed, kick or tail whip off him. she thanked the Goddess of male refuge Amatsur for protection the male form rape. Still, Yesleta wishes her Goddess would've done more. Not only was the male almost raped, but he was also launched twenty meters into the air when one of the crewmembers holding him was tackled. Crewmembers yank on the male's limbs, each trying to take the male away from the other. Yesleta closed the recording. All of that happened in fifteen minutes. Three hundred and fifty females will be charged with attempted rape and murder. Yesleta pinches the bridge of her nose. Yesleta thought, "was this her fault? was my crew so touch starved that they would attack the first male they see?" removing her paw from her nose, Yesleta calls her acting team leader.
"Yoremedia, how are things going on with the prisoner?"
A screen in front of Yesleta shows a turquoise color Tubinestian. Her blue reptilian eyes were downcasted, her facial expression showed how tired she was.
"Mam, all personal involved in the fight and attempt raped of the Alien male have been placed in the brig and are waiting for trial. Mam, this is a first for me. I don't know how to feel, three hundred and fifty females facing the exact charges. some of the girls I have known for years they would.... sorry, mam, I can't let person feeling cloud my judgment."
Yesleta could see the bioluminescent of Yoremedia, intense shades of gray. She wanted to give some words of encouragement to her acting team leader, but her words were cut off by an emergency call joining her screen.
the screaming voice of a Litigron comes jumping out of her screen, staring back at Yesleta was a Litigron Med-bay leader Momola`n, her purple color mane was ragged and disheveled.
"what do you mean? And what happens to the Alien male autopsy? it has only been five minutes since he arrives at Med-bay."
Yesleta asks puzzlingly. Catching her breaths, Momola`n spoke in a rapid sequence.
"There is no need for an autopsy. The male is alive! Look, what I'm going to say might sound crazy but believe me, it's not. When he was found, the male was covered in an enormous amount of pheromones and musk! Like I have never seen this amount before! It's like that male is made up out of thousands of males!
Both Yesleta and Yoremedia were surprised.
both women screamed in unison. Yesleta was the first one to regain her senses and started asking questions.
"What do you mean alive! we saw the recording! I heard all those grunts! that was the sound of the gift of life living his body! or how he was kicked, yank, flown twenty meters in the air!"
Yesleta's breaths were now ragged, "how is that male even alive," she thought. Momola`n just waited for her supreme commander to catch her breath before she continued.
"Like I said that Alien Male is well Alien, come down to Med-Bay, and I can show you what I mean and supreme commander Yesleta as your Med-bay team leader I am placing all three hundred and fifty victims in the brig under my care, can't have you killing poor girls who were hit by a "horny bomb."
Again both Yesleta and Yoremedia scream in unison.
Momola`n just rolls her eyes.
"Just get to Med-bay, and I can explain what happened."
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2022.01.17 18:43 DeliciousCabbage22 Which of the following groups looks the closest to Greeks?

Which of the following groups looks the closest to Greeks?
View Poll
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2022.01.17 18:43 short_porch Need 3 Managers for a $100 ROTO Fantrax Keeper League 15 Teams Slow Draft Majors and Minors in February 2022

I am going to be proactive here. I have 3 managers who have not visited the league site since it was renewed for the 2022 season and have not responded to my emails to see if they are returning.
The 3 rosters are listed below. Please read the rules/bylaws first. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Please email me at t22malcolm@outlook.com for an invite.
$100 entry fee (plus Fantrax Treasurer fee)
Payouts are $800 for 1st place, $400 for 2nd place, $200 for third place, and $100 for 4th place
Once we have 15 paid managers for the 2022 season we will start and run both the major and minors drafts simultaneously.
Scoring will be HR-R-SB-RBI-AVG for hitters and W-SV-K-ERA-WHIP for pitchers.
Minimum 1000 IP otherwise ERA and WHIP will get a 0 for the year.
Maximum of 1650 IP for the season. No other maximums or minimums.
The active positions will be c-1b-2b-ss-3b-mi-ci-of-of-of-of-u-p1-p2-p3-p4-p5-p6-p7-p8-p9
21 active players 5 reserves 14 minors (so basically each team has a 40 man roster just like in the real MLB) and 4 injured list roster slots.
Lineups will be set to Daily Lineups.
You will be permitted to keep up to 7 players on your roster after each season which is in addition to your minor league players.
Draft date TBD (need to fill the league first). Once we have 15 paid managers we will start the slow drafts within a day or two most likely in the middle of February 2022.
Slow draft on the Fantrax fantasy draft platform with a 4 hour max timer per pick (late night pause from 10:00 p.m. ET to 10:00 a.m. ET)
Each year prior to the draft the draft order will be randomized by FantasyPros. I will enter each manager's team name and each manager's email address. FantasyPros will create the draft order and you will receive an immediate email. I will then manually create the draft order on Fantrax based on the FantasyPros outcome. Therefore, if you finish in last place you will not have the first pick in the next year's draft. Each year's MLB draft order will be randomized through FantasyPros.
The major league draft will be 19 rounds and will be "majors only" players. These players will have more than 130 at-bats total or more than 50 Innings pitched going into a season. Everyone available will not have a green “m” next to their name.
The second draft will consist of 10 rounds of only minor leaguers. Players that are below 130 at-bats or less than 50 Innings pitched in their careers. It will be a reverse order of the majors draft. So the team that finished 15th in the majors draft will have the 1st round pick in the minors draft and so on. The minors draft will run simultaneously with the majors draft with all minors picks made on the Fantrax chat page. I will update all the minors draft selections on the Fantrax message board.
The league fee is due by February 1st. Keepers will run a week later and then after an additional week we would run both the major league and minor league drafts simultaneously.
In the MLB draft you must draft a full roster of players including reserves.
Please note that when we do the minor draft in there is a chance that teams might still have a complement of 14 minors on their roster from the 2021 season. However, this will provide managers the opportunity to swap minors or possibly trade minors to another team or promote minors from their roster to their MLB roster once the 2022 drafts are completed.
The league is going to have a salary cap. The cap for each team will be $800 dollars (there is no "luxury tax" in this league-you just can't go over the salary cap). We will be using pre-determined dollar amounts for each selection in the MLB draft similar to what the NFL, NBA, and MLB currently do. At the conclusion of the MLB draft all teams will have $676 in salaried players and each of the 14 minor league players will have $1 salaries which brings your 40 man roster to $700 in total salary. Please note that last year was the first year of this league and no team got even close to going over the salary cap.
Players are on 3 year contracts. Therefore, if you draft a player to be on your team you can have the player on your team for 3 seasons. If a drafted player is dropped from a team the 3 year contract is still in effect. For example, if you pick up a player who was dropped in his 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of the contract then that player is still in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of the contract. The only way for a contract to cease would be for the player to not be kept for the next season. The player would then go back into the draft and a new 3 year contract would start once the player is drafted again.
Managers who drop players from their roster still have their original drafted salaries in place and keeper salaries (in year 2 of our league) in place. All non-drafted players acquired through the FAAB process will have a salary of $1.
For players who were undrafted and picked up through FAAB the same rules will apply. Therefore, if you acquire a player through FAAB that was undrafted then the player would be in the first year of a possible three year contract. You would be able to choose the player as one of your possible 7 keeper players. If you pick up a player who was kept the prior season and is in his second year of his contract then the player is still in the second year of the contract. Lastly, if a manager drops a player who is in his third year of the contract please realize that if you pick up this player through FAAB or you acquire this player in a trade with another team then you are going to lose this player once the season ends.
Players can be promoted from the minors to a fantasy team at any time as long as the manager's lineup is legal and under the salary cap. However, if you promote a minor league player you might have to drop a player from your roster. In addition, promoting a player from the minors begins the 3 year contract for the player even if you subsequently demote the player back to your minor league system.
Furthermore, if during an entire season you never promoted a minor league player to your active roster (even if the player in real life was promoted to a MLB team) then the player's 3 year contract would NOT commence. At the conclusion of the season the player would have an additional year added to a possible 3 year contract because you never promoted the player. In addition, these players are still in your minor league system. Note that Manoah and McKenzie in the list below. The manager never promoted these players to his active roster so they still have up to 3 years left on their contracts.
During the season you are not allowed to pick up a player through FAAB that was drafted in that season's June MLB draft. You must wait until the next season's subsequent minor league draft to attempt to draft a player. However, you are permitted to acquire a international player through FAAB that was signed by a MLB team. However, you can not acquire the player until the MLB contract is official. For that matter you can not acquire a player through FAAB or in the minor league draft that has not yet signed a contract with a MLB team.
You are allowed to swap out minor league players during the season through FAAB. The only caveat is the earlier mentioned bylaw that you can not pick up players who were drafted in the June MLB draft.
All trades will be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner. The Commissioner will approve all trades UNLESS there is evidence of collusion between the parties or if one party evidences the desire to quit. If collusion occurs, both parties involved will be asked to leave the league. Commissioner decision on trades will avoid the problem of drama in the league on trades and managers simply vetoing trades because it will hurt their own personal team performance in the standings.
FAAB will run nightly at 3:00 a.m. ET $260 budget for the year $0 bids allowed.
FAAB money can not be traded.
All adds and drops need to be each and every owners responsibility. If, for some reason they make an error, they will have 15 minutes from the time the transaction occurs to make a post on the league site advising of the mistake so commish can take appropriate action.
Offseason trades are welcome, but both managers have to pay the league fee prior to any trades. In addition, managers can drop players from their roster during the offseason. However, in order to drop a player you must have your league fee paid for the next season.
Draft picks can not be traded. I can not afford to have a team to sell out for futures and then leave the league. This will make recruitment very difficult if a team mortgages its entire future.
The trade deadline will always be the second Sunday of August.
So I think I covered anything. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at t22malcolm@outlook.com
Here is the available roster. You can keep up to 7 of the players below and all of your minors (prospects):
Team 1:
Tucker Barnhart Anthony Rizzo Jed Lowrie Matt Chapman JP Crawford Yuli Gurriel Jazz Chisholm Joey Gallo Bryce Harper George Springer Myles Straw Kevin Newman Francisco Lindor Jorge Polanco Jo Adell Wil Myers Kevin Gausman Kyle Gibons German Marquez Wade Miley Antonio Senzatela Josh Hader Kwang Hyun Kim Andrew Kittredge Craig Stammen Austin Adams Tyler Glasnow Jonathan Loaisiga Adbert Alzolay Nick Madrigal
Nick Lodolo Luis Campusano Lewin Diaz Nolan Jones Miguel Vargas Jose Barrero Heston Kjerstad
Team 2:
JT Realmuto Eric Hosmer Dylan Moore Eduardo Escobar Tim Anderson Kris Bryant Paul DeJong Tommy Pham Hunter Renfroe Christian Yelich Nick Solak Jacob Stallings Alex Bregman Joey Wendle Josh Naylor Jose Berrios Patrick Corbin Zach Davies Kyle Hendricks Cole Irvin Daniel Bard Jorge Lopez Taylor Rogers Lou Trivino Matthew Boyd Madison Bumgarner Spencer Turnbull Kris Bubic
Adley Rutschman Justin Foscue Xaiver Edwards Nick Gonzales Ed Howard Geraldo Perdomo Brice Turang Brandon Marsh Austin Martin Cristian Pache Matt Manning Demarcus Evans Clarke Schmidt
Team 3:
James McCann Christian Walker Jake Cronenworth Nolan Arenado Xander Bogaerts Jonathan India Adam Frazier Randy Arozarena Adolis Garcia Mitch Haniger Ramon Laureano Cody Bellinger Ketel Marte Kyle Lewis Anthony DeSclafani Nathan Eovaldi Adam Wainwright Jose Alvarado Scott Barlow Chad Green Brad Hand Ian Kennedy Hansel Robles Marco Gonzales Sonny Gray Yusei Kikuchi Drew Smyly Blake Snell Chris Sale
Chris Gittens Curtis Terry Aaron Bracho Michael Busch Kody Hoese Jeter Downs Orelvis Martinez Pete Crow-Armstrong Gilberto Jimenez Bryce Johnson Kristian Robinson Daniel Lynch Daulton Jefferies Zach Thompson
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2022.01.17 18:43 anhanme [For Hire] Comissions open! For Portraits/ icons in these two styles for $25. (5 slots) DM me!

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2022.01.17 18:43 FaithlessnessMost771 Join the BAB∞NVΞRSEServer!

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2022.01.17 18:43 therealreno_6 Don't stop beating

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2022.01.17 18:43 crytoloover Huobi Primelist Số 7 | Nền tảng IDO GamesPad (GMPD) Tiềm Năng

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2022.01.17 18:43 RegExrBot Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Funko Pop! Naruto (Hokage) (Chase) #724 now available at Balyot

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2022.01.17 18:43 wbradleyjr1 Biden Has a Secret List Of Americans & Editorial Board Demands Use Of Military Force Against Them!

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2022.01.17 18:43 milspecretard 2 questions

How can I get more energy?
I’m 22, work 6-5 Weekdays and when I get home I feel dead and when I lift I feel almost light headed. I sleep about 8 hours a night. Is there anything that can help this?
How can I reduce moobs?
I’ve always had boobs since I was a fat shit when I was like 10-17. I feel like I eat a cheeseburger and it goes straight to my boobs. my now and age 16 photos
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2022.01.17 18:43 HedgewizardHolst My players are amazing! How do I continue to reward them in unique ways that don’t become tedious?

My players right now are AWESOME. One is a walking 5e PHB, one is hyper attentive to the storyline and reminds everyone of specific details, and one is new but genuinely eager to play and asks “can we play again tonight?” after 4-hour long sessions. It warms my lil dm heart!
They’ve been coming up with super creative uses of their action economy and how they can best interact with each other. Right now my “rewards” have been “allowing advantage for playing a prior campaign in the area”, “allowing a spell to work a certain way within the rules because they’d studied up and were prepared with their character” “having a creature react the way they wanted because they were paying attention to other character’s spell effects”, “giving them an entire support character for using the ‘I know a guy’ rule”, they used the town map I map to find the apothecary so she gave them free potion samples, etc.
Other ideas for keeping the positive reinforcement going?
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2022.01.17 18:43 treysain HALO BEST MOMENTS- resolution goes down whenever I upload but not during playback, any suggestions?

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2022.01.17 18:43 the_rebel_girl Pytanie do osób programujących, ktoś może pisze kod do appki Blix?

W aplikacji Blix można wpisać np. "jabłko" i appka przeszuka większość gazetek reklamowych ze sklepów. Zastanawia mnie, czy dogadali się ze sklepami i np. dostają XML, który jest bazą do gazetek reklamowych, czy sami napisali kod, który wyłapuje z gazetek tekst.
Czy może ktoś wie, jak to rozwiązali?
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2022.01.17 18:43 Pembis am i

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2022.01.17 18:43 SplitGillStudio My tiny but growing Gudetama collection!

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2022.01.17 18:43 kokujinmatto The CIA be like

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2022.01.17 18:43 Ok-GeodesRock49 Helium One announce multiple surface helium anomalies identified at Rukwa, Eyasi and Balangida

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2022.01.17 18:43 CLAYTILL767 [HELP] Is there a way to link the distance between the two nodes at the end points of the orange line, so that when the purple lines are always = the orange line?

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2022.01.17 18:43 Godismyoath936 After effects on computer is showing this, Help

After effects on computer is showing this, Help
I am trying to use aftereffects on my personal laptop for a school assignment and this came up. When I clicked on fix it brought me to a place to download a zip file driver for adobe but had a lot of complicated steps on undownloading a zip file and redownloading, and I'm just overall confused. I tried to continue with known issues but it wouldn't let me transport other zip files from my class to even create a composition so I am trying my best to stay calm and present and not allow technical difficulties to bring frustration. I am going to try and figure this out today but if not I will just use the school computer tomorrow to do my assignment. If anyone has any tips or help understanding drivers, zip files, and all this fun stuff lol please let me know. Thank you.
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2022.01.17 18:43 Pizzah3ad Toasty Fireplace Sounds for Sleepy Times, Meditation and Relaxation

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